Case Study:
Jet Freight is involved in Exporting Live Animals from HYD to SHJ. We started this movement in the year 2017 and successfully cleared four charter flights of AI 330 with a capacity of 65 tonnes.

Below are the Details of the shipment:
1. Total Capacity of AI 330 in 65,000 KG including the cages
2. Gross weight of the shipment will be 55-60 tonnes
3. If the weight per goat is between 20 – 30 KG, 2000 – 2100 goats can be accommodated
4. If the weight per goat is between 40 – 50 KG, 1500 – 1600 goats can be accommodated

Above is the equipment used to handle live goats:
For air transportation of live sheep/goats, our steel cages are approved by IATA standards to ensure live animals safety and health during our flights, and their IATA codes are: HAW, HQV, KMA, KMH & KAP