Case Study:​
The healthcare cold-chain market is growing by 10% every year, and Jet Freight is able to offer specifically tailored services that can secure and support profitable and sustainable business for all types of healthcare and pharmaceutical products.

Healthcare companies put extremely high demands on forwarders to properly handle their products. In September 2017, we handled such a temperature-controlled shipment from India to Russia – 162pcs/2600kgs. Temperatures had to be maintained between 2 to 8 degrees C from the time of dispatch at the shipper’s warehouse till delivery with data loggers.
We had to use an Active Cold Chain solution – Envirotainer. Shipment constituted of ear drops and we used 3 Envirotainer E1/E2 active temperature control systems based on compressor cooling and electric heating.

Shipment was successfully handled and delivered to the consignee perfectly.