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Communication to Stock Exchange

Reg 29- Outcome of BM- 03.08.2018

Publishing Record Date for Interim Div in Newspaper

CARE Rating Intimation-31.07.2018

BM Intimation-03.08.2018


Reg 32- Outcome of AC Meeting 29.05.2018

Reg 30- Outcome of BM- 29.05.2018

Resignation of Mr. Pankaj Gupta Kumar as an Independent Director.

Investor Presentation

Schedule of Analyst Institutional Investor

Reg 32- Outcome of AC Meeting

Commencement of its new Division.

BM Intimation- Allotment

Board Meeting Intimation – Preferential Issue

Clarification sought – Preferential Issue

Dispatch of EGM Notice – Preferential Issue

Form C- Insider Trading (Pledging)

Outcome of Board Meeting – Allotment

Outcome of Board Meeting – Preferential Issue

Proceedings of EGM & Scrutinizers Report

Reg 31- Takeover Disclosure (Pledging)

RTA Address

AGM & Book Closure Intimation

AGM & Book Closure Advertisement

Care Rating

Outcome of Board Meeting:

Reg 32- Statement of Variation

Re. 30- Purchase of Corporate Office

BM Intimation-03.08.2018

Dispatch of AGM Notice- 05.09.2018

Reg 31- Takeover Disclosure (Pledging) July 2018

Form C- Insider Trading (Pledging) July 2018

Allotment of Bonus Equity Shares-17.09.2018

Form C – Insider Trading (Pledging) Post Bonus 2018

Reg 31- Takeover Disclosure for Pledging Post Bonus 2018

Reg-30 Intimation to SE on Investors Con Call on 21.11.2018

Reg 31(1) & Reg 31(2)-  Richard and Dax

Form C- Insider Trading-  Richard and Dax

Reg 31(1) & Reg 31(2) – Dax 1,60,000 ES

Form C- Insider Trading – Dax 1,60,000 ES

Reg-30 Intimation to SE on Analyst Meet on 16.01.2019

Reg 31(1) & Reg 31(2) – Dax 2,40,000 ES

Form C- Insider Trading – Dax 2,40,000 ES

Intimation for Investors Meet 04.02.2019

Resignation of Independent Director -Savio wef 06.02.2019

Intimation of BWR ratings- 07.02.2019

Outcome of the Investors Meet- Investor Presentation- 06.02.2019

Reg-30 Intimation for withdrawal of CARE Rating on the request of the Company

Intimation for Trading Window Closure as per circular dated 02.04.2019

Intimation for Extension of Trading Window Closure as per NSE Clarification

Reg30- Outcome of Board Meeting- 29.05.2019 Appt of Auditors

Reg 30- Resignation of Mr. Nikhil Sunil Arya wef 03.06.2019